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The Children Are Unbeatable! Alliance campaigns in the UK for the abolition of all forms of physical punishment and for the promotion of positive discipline.


More than 600 organisations or projects, and many more individuals, are already signed up in support. It is the broadest campaign coalition ever assembled on a children's issue.

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because hitting children is wrong,

because the UK is in breach of its human rights obligations while smacking remains legal,

because smacking is never necessary and risks children’s healthy development,

because there are clear links between physical punishment and statutory child abuse,

because we want to move on to a society where violence is not part of its culture…

and much, much more. See the case for reform for the detailed arguments on these and many other points.

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Recent news

Report calls for prohibition in Scotland

Date: December 2015

A systematic review of research literature on physical punishment, jointly commissioned by Barnardo’s Scotland, Children 1st, the Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland and NSPCC Scotland was published in November

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Corporal punishment to be banned in madrassas

Date: December 2015

On November 27 the Government published plans to prohibit corporal punishment in all part-time educational settings, including madrassas (see: consultation). The proposals also aim to prevent children being “radicalised” in madrassas...

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