Organisations and individuals supporting the aims of Children Are Unbeatable!

All supporting organisations and individuals have signed up to the following aims:

We believe that the traditional defence of “reasonable punishment” works against the aims which we and the Government of a modern UK share: the encouragement of positive parental discipline in all families, and assurance of effective child protection in the few cases where it is needed.

We believe it is both wrong and impracticable to seek to define acceptable forms of corporal punishment of children. Such an exercise is unjust. Hitting children is a lesson in bad behaviour. Removing the defence of “reasonable punishment” and thus giving children in their homes and in all other settings equal protection under the law on assault is the only just, moral and safe way to clarify the law. While technically this would criminalise any assault of a child, trivial assaults, like trivial assaults between adults, would not be prosecuted. There already exist adequate means to prevent unwarranted or unhelpful prosecutions. It would on the other hand ease prosecution in serious cases. It would eliminate the current dangerous confusion over what is acceptable and provide a clear basis for child protection.

There is ample evidence from other countries to show that full legal reform, coupled with the promotion of effective means of positive discipline, works rapidly to reduce reliance on corporal punishment and reduces the need for prosecutions and other formal interventions in families. Using positive forms of discipline reduces stress and improves relationships between children, their parents and other carers.




    • 2nd Omagh Rainbow Guides
    • 2nd Penn Brownies
    • 3rd Penn Guides
    • 4Children formerly Kids’ Clubs Network 
    • 5 x 5 x 5 = Creativity
    • @ Home Childcare
    • A National Voice
    • Aberconwy Women’s Aid
    • Aberdeen Childcare Partnership
    • Aberdeen Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership
    • Aberlour Child Care Trust
    • Access and Participation, Blackpool
    • ACT F.S. Ltd, NI
    • Action for Children (formerly NCH)
Action for Children:
"Section 58 sends out a message about the acceptability of violence against children and young people, as well as being complex and difficult to explain in practice… For example, NCH runs a number of parenting programmes and has extensive experience of deterring parents from using physical punishment and encouraging positive, non-violent disciplines – Section 58 represents a real obstacle to this work. Another example is working with families where domestic violence is an issue. Section 58 makes it very difficult to send out a clear message of zero tolerance to violence."
    • Action for Children/Gweithredu dros Blant
    • Action for Children NI Regional Office
    • Action for Children Scotland
    • Action for Sick Children
    • Actionwork Film and Theatre-in-Education
    • Active Birth Centre
    • Adlerian Society (of the United Kingdom)and the Institute for Individual Psychology
    • Adoption UK
    • Africans Unite Against Child Abuse (AFRUCA)
AFRUCA – Africans Unite Against Child Abuse:
"Section 58 dangerously encourages parents committed to physical punishment, or those with the intention of harming children, to use forms of it which although highly dangerous, do not leave marks on victims. In addition, the specific vulnerability of black and African Children needs to be highlighted. This is simply because black skin pigmentation and tone does not easily show bruising and marks unless extreme force is applied. Section 58 therefore hampers protection for children of black and African origin."
    • After Adoption
    • Alliance for Childhood
    • Alliance for Inclusive Education
    • Alliance Party (NI)
    • Alphabet House Day Nurseries
    • Alton Community Playschool
    • Ambitious about Autism (formerly TreeHouse)
    • An Munia Tober Travellers Centre 
    • Andersonstown Traditional & Contemporary Music School 
    • Ann Craft Trust
    • Anna Freud Centre
    • Antidote: Campaign for Emotional Literacy
    • ASBAH NI
    • Ashgate Nursery School
    • Association for Family Therapy. The
    • Association for the Protection of All Children Ltd. (APPROACH Ltd.)
    • Association of Educational Psychologists - AEP
    • Association of Family Solicitors for Children, NI Association of Lawyers for Children
    • AVA (Against Violence and Abuse) formerly Greater London Domestic Violence Project
    • Bangor & District Women’s Aid
    • Barnardo’s
    • Barnardo’s Cymru
    • Barnardo’s NI
    • Barnardo’s Scotland
    • Bath Labour Party
    • BAWSO Women’s Aid - Black Association of Women Step Out Ltd.
    • Beatbullying
    • Behaviour Management Ltd.
    • Belfast Metropolitan College
    • BIMATA Associates
    • Black & Asian Workers Support Group, Swindon Borough Council
    • Blackie Community Groups Association
    • Blaenau Ffestiniog Women’s Aid
    • Blossom Tree Day Nursery
    • Blythe Neighbourhood Council
    • Boarding Concern
    • Bracknell Forest Borough Council Labour Group
    • Bradford Women’s Aid
    • Braunstone Child Care Co-operative Sunflowers Neighbourhead Nursery
    • Bridgend & District Resource for Children with Disabilities
    • Bright Horizons Family Solutions Ltd (formerly Kinderquest Limited)
    • Brighton Unemployed Centre Families Project
    • Bristol Association of Neighbourhood Daycare
    • Bristol Centre for Care Health & Education Studies, City of Bristol College
    • British Association for Adoption & Fostering - BAAF
BAAF Adoption and Fostering:
"To hit an adult is considered assault, to hit a child is not – how can this be right? Let’s stand up for children!" David Holmes, Chief Executive
    • British Association for Community Child Health – BACCH
    • British Association for Early Childhood Education – Early Education
    • British Association for the Study & Prevention of Child Abuse & Neglect - BASPCAN
    • British Association of Psychotherapists, Child & Adolescent Training Committee
    • British Association of Social Workers - BASW
British Association of Social Workers:
"Are we teaching perpetrators to become more skilled in physical abuse, perfecting the art of not leaving bruises? … Section 58 compromises good practice and conversely, in some cases, encourages adults to be more clandestine making physical abuse harder to detect and prove."
    • British Association of Social Workers NI
    • British Early Childhood Education Research Association
    • British Humanist Association
    • British Psychological Society, Faculty for Children & Young People
    • British Youth Council
    • Bromham Fun Club
    • Brook Northern Ireland
    • Broxburn Family Centre
    • Bruised UK
    • Burton Bears (formerly Burton Pre-School)
    • Buttle Trust in Wales
    • Cabrini formerly Catholic Children’s Society (Arundel & Brighton, Portsmouth and Southwark)
    • CACHE Child Care Courses The Towers 6th Form Caerleon Quaker Meeting
    • Caerphilly Women's Aid (formerly Rhymney Valley Women's Aid)
    • CAFCASS (Cymru)
    • Caia Park Early Years Forum
    • Calcot Services for Children
    • Canterbury Nursery School and Centre for Families and Children
    • Cardiff County Council, Children’s Play Services
    • Cardiff Women’s Aid
    • Cardiff Women’s Safety Unit
    • Cardigan Women’s Aid
    • Carefree Kids
    • Carers Wales
    • Carmarthenshire Youth & Children’s Association (CYCA)
    • Cartref Bontnewydd Trust
    • Caspari Foundation for Educational Therapy and Therapeutic Teaching (formerly FAETT)
    • Castle Point Constituency Labour Party
    • Catch22 (formerly Rainer Crime Concern)
    • Catholic Children’s Society (Westminster)
    • Centre for Fun and Families
    • Centre for Research in Early Years (formerly Centre for Research in Early Childhood)
    • Centre for Studies on Inclusive Education - CSIE
    • Cerebra, The Foundation for the Brain Injured Child
    • Challock Pre School
    • Cheshire Development Education Centre
    • Chesterton Busy Bees Club
    • Chichester Diocesan Association for Family Support Work
    • Child and Family Clinic, NI
    • Child and Psychology Family Service, Newport
    • Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit, London Metropolitan University
    • Child Base Ltd
    • Child Concern
    • Child Health Directorate, Royal Cornwall Hospitals Trust
    • Child Poverty Action Group
    • Child Protection Service, National Public Health Service (Wales)
    • Child Rights Information Network (CRIN)
    • Child Safe Wales
    • Child’s Play (International) Ltd. Publishers
    • Childhealth Advocacy International
    • ChildLine/NSPCC
    • ChildLine Northern Ireland
    • Children 1st /Parentline (formerly The Royal Scottish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children)
    • Children & Young People’s Framework Partnership Children England (formerly National Council of Voluntary Child Care Organisations)
    • Children First Derby
    • Children First Family Mediation
    • Children in Northern Ireland (formerly Child Care N.I.) Children in Scotland
    • Children in Wales - Plant yng Nghymru
    • Children Law UK (formerly British Juvenile and Family Courts Society)
    • Children’s House Nursery School
    • Children’s Law Centre, NI
    • Children's Rights Alliance for England
    • Children’s Social Care, London Borough of Lewisham
    • Churches Network for Non-Violence, The
    • Circle of Friends Day Nursery
    • Clan More Sure Start
    • Clockhouse Preschool & After School Club
    • Clover House Complementary Therapy Centre for Children, Bristol
    • Colchester & Tendring Women’s Refuge
    • Communities Empowerment Network
    • Communities That Care, Wales
    • Community Development and Health Network, NI
    • Community Housing and Therapy
    • Community Links
    • Community Mediation Services RCT
    • Community Practitioners’ and Health Visitors’ Association (CPHVA)
Community Practitioners’ and Health Visitors’ Association:
"Section 58 has added confusion in this area, for families and for those working with them. The only clear message it has provided is that “smacking” is still lawful… We are also concerned that some parents may have picked up from the media that while smacking remains lawful, they must be careful not to “mark” their children. This could actually lead to more dangerous forms of physical punishment – shaking, hitting round the head and so on…We feel Ministers are under-estimating the huge value of clear law as an educational tool and a foundation for child protection and for the promotion of positive non-violent child-rearing."
    • Community Sector Training, NI
    • Contact a Family
    • Contact Youth Counselling Services
    • Conwy & Denbighshire NHS Trust
    • Coram (formerly Thomas Coram Foundation for Children)
    • Coram Children's Legal Centre
    • Coram Voice (formerly Voice for the Child in Care)
    • Council for Disabled Children
    • Council for the Homeless, NI
    • Coventry City Council
    • Craigavon and Banbridge Women’s Aid
    • Craigavon Travellers Support Committee
    • Crawfordsburn Playgroup
    • CRI, Brighton
    • Crossroads Derbyshire formerly High Peak Women’s Aid
    • CSV - Community Service Volunteers
    • Cup Cakes Pre-School
    • Cymdeithas Tai Hafan
    • Cyngor Sir Ynys Mon
    • Cyril Jackson Primary School
    • d2 Digital by Design Ltd
    • Daybreak Family Group Conferences
    • Delter Parenting Project, NI
    • Denbighshire Early Years Forum
    • Derry Children’s Commission
    • Developing Quality in Crèches
    • Disability Action, NI
    • Discovery Student Volunteering Swansea (formerly Swansea Student Community Action)
    • Ditton Nursery School
    • Diversity Hub
    • Dolphin Day Nursery and Out of School Club (formerly Dolphin Day Nursery)
    • Dove Workshop & Dovecote Nursery, Wales
    • Drumchapel Children’s Rights Project
    • Drumgor Detached Youth Work Project
    • Dundee Young Women’s Centre
    • Durham Initiative Support in the Community (Youth Care Project)
    • Dunlewey Substance Advice Centre (NI) Ltd
    • Early Childhood Project (Brighton)
    • Early Years Equality (formerly Early Years Trainers Anti- Racist Network)
    • East Devon Constituency Labour Party
    • East London Dance School (formerly Ballet and Dance East London (Chisenhale Dance))
    • East Riding of Yorkshire Council Labour Group
    • Eaves Housing for Women
    • Educational Psychology Service, Leicestershire
    • Employers For Childcare
    • Empowerment formerly Lancaster & District Women’s Aid ENABLE
    • End Violence Against Women
    • Epilepsy Action (formerly British Epilepsy Association)
    • ERIC - Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Continence
    • Equal Parenting Council, NI
    • Every Disabled Child Matters
    • Extern
    • Faculty of Public Health (formerly Faculty of Public Health Medicine)
    • Fair Play For Children
    • Faith in Families (formerly Catholic Children’s Society (R.C. Diocese of Nottingham)
    • Families Inc CIC
    • Family Action (formerly Family Welfare Association)
    • Family and Childcare Trust (following merger of the Family and Parenting Institute and the Daycare Trust)
Family and Parenting Institute:
"In this country it is illegal to hit another adult, even to punish them for a crime or misdemeanour. The FPI believes that giving people who are smaller and weaker fewer rights to protection in this regard is unacceptable. The argument that parents have a ‘right’ in their own home to discipline their children as they choose, in other words that parents have proprietorial rights over children and a consequent right to hit them, recalls arguments that were once used in relation to husband and wives."
    • Family Care (Scotland)
    • Family Caring Trust
    • Family Information Zone
    • Family Links
    • Family Lives (formerly Parentline Plus)
    • Family Mediation Scotland - Counselling and Family Mediation - Western Isles
    • Family Mediation Scotland - Family Mediation Borders
    • Family Mediation Scotland - Family Mediation Highland
    • Family Mediation Scotland - Family Mediation Lothian
    • Family Mediation Scotland - Family Mediation Tayside
    • Family Mediation Scotland - Family Mediation West
    • Family Mediation Scotland - NCH Dumfries & Galloway Family Mediation Service
    • Family Mediation Scotland - NCH Family Mediation Fife
    • Family Rights Group
Family Links:
"The lack of clear leadership by the government that any form of physical punishment of a child is unacceptable makes the task of those working with parents much harder. Parents who believe ‘smacking has a place in disciplining children’ feel justified in continuing this detrimental aspect of child behaviour and ever more resistant to attending parenting courses."
    • Farcliffe & Lilycroft Children & Family Centre
    • Fatherhood Institute (formerly Fathers Direct)
    • Fermanagh Women’s Aid
    • Fife Acute Hospitals NHS Trust
    • Fife Children's Rights Service- Barnardo’s Scotland
    • Fife Federation of Gingerbread
    • First Class Child Care Ltd
    • First Housing Shepherd View Young Parents Project
    • First Key (NI)
    • Flintshire Children & Young People’s Framework for Partnership
    • Flintshire Local Health Group
    • Focus on Children
    • Footprints Women’s Centre
    • Forum @ Greenwich, The
    • Fostering Network
    • Fostering Network NI
    • Fostering Network Scotland
    • Foyle Women’s Aid
    • Fpa Wales
    • Freedom from Torture (formerly Medical Foundation for the Care of Victims of Torture)
    • Funky Dragon
    • Fylde Coast Women's Aid
    • George and Barbara Resources and Training (formerly Lucky Duck Publishing Ltd.)
    • Gingerbread Corner (formerly Croydon Playcare)
    • Gingerbread NI
    • Glossop Mental Health Project
    • Glyndwr Women’s Aid
    • GMB Trade Union, Regional Equal Rights Committee
    • Greater New Lodge Community Forum
    • Green Party (England & Wales)
    • Green Party South West Region
    • GRUMPY - The Greater Manchester Play Resources Unit
    • Hackney Council for Voluntary Services
    • Hanoar Hatzioni
    • Happy Child Nurseries Ltd
    • Happy Hours Pre-School
    • Harmony Nursery
    • Harpurs Hill Children and Family Centre Ltd, NI
    • Hastings and Rye Constituency Labour Party
    • Hastings Young Persons Council
    • Health Services Research Unit at Department of Public Health, University of Oxford
    • Hempsall’s
    • High/Scope Institute
    • Highland Pre-school Services
    • Hillsborough Day Nursery
    • Holly Hill Private Day Care Nursery (formerly ABC Childrens Nursery)
    • Holme Valley South Branch of the Labour Party
    • Home Education UK
    • Home-Start Antrim
    • Home-Start Ards, Comber & Peninsular Area
    • Home-Start Ballymena
    • Home-Start East Belfast
    • Home-Start Wales
    • Homerswood Primary School
    • Honeybee’s, Suffolk
    • Horn Diaspora Community Foundation
    • Howard League for Penal Reform, The
    • Hull City Council Youth Services
    • Hyperactive Children’s Support Group
    • Hywel Doa Trust, Wales
    • Incentive Plus (formerly “Being Yourself”/Parenting Press Ltd.)
    • Include Youth
    • Independent Child Psychology Services
    • Innspirals Records
    • Institute of Health Visiting
    • Institute of Psychology
    • Inter-Action Trust
    • International Council for Self Esteem (UK)
    • Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children-ISPCC
    • Jack in the Box Day Nursery
    • Jigsaw 4u
    • Joint National Committee on Training for Playwork
    • Juvenile Justice Board, NI
    • Kaleidoscope Therapeutic Child Care
    • KIDS incorporating Kidsactive
    • Kids Unlimited
    • Kidscape
    • Kidszone Trust
    • Kirklees Parenting Support Forum
    • Kith and Kids
    • Knock Medical Centre
    • Kool Kidz Out-of-School Club
    • Law Centre, NI
    • Law Yn Llaw
    • Leeds Beckett Students' Union formerly Leeds Met Students Union
    • Leicester Council of Faiths
    • Liberty
    • Lifestart Mid-Ards
    • Little Sunbeams at Swansea Children’s Centre
    • Lliw Valley Women’s Aid
    • Local Aid for Children & Community Special Needs
    • Local Government Association (Social Affairs and Health Committee)
    • Local Safeguarding Children Boards (LSCBs) Wales:
    • Caerphilly; Cardiff; Ceredigion; Conwy and
    • Denbighshire; Cwm Taf (Rhondda Cynon Taf);
    • Powys; Vale of Glamorgan;
    • London Association of Primal Psychotherapists
    • London Borough of Newham
    • London Feminist Network
    • London Play
    • Lothian Anti-Poverty Alliance
    • Luton Committee for Racial Harmony
    • Marriage Care
    • MDA
    • Medical Women’s Federation
    • MENCAP
    • Mental Health Foundation
    • Methodist Church, The
    • Millom Youth Centre
    • Mind - City and Hackney
    • Mind - The Mental Health Charity
    • Mudiad Ysgolion Meithrin
    • Multiple Births Foundation
    • Muslim Council of Scotland
    • Muscular Dystrophy UK formerly Muscular Dystrophy Group
    • NAPAC - National Association for People Abused in Childhood, The
    • National Association for Primary Education
    • National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders - NACRO
    • National Association of Guardians ad Litem and Reporting Officers - NAGALRO
    • National Association of Probation Officers - NAPO
    • National Association of Social Workers in Education
    • NASWE NI
    • National Association of Youth & Community Education Officers - NAYCEO
    • National Campaign for Real Nursery Education
    • National Children's Bureau
    • National Council of Women of Great Britain
    • National Day Nurseries Association
    • National Family Mediation
    • National Literacy Trust
    • National Portage Association, The
    • National Public Health Service Wales
    • National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children - NSPCC
    • National Standing Committee of Advisers, Inspectors
    • and Consultants: Personal and Social Education
    • National Union of Students United Kingdom (NUS UK)
    • National Youth Agency, The
    • Natural Nurturing Network
    • Natural Parent Magazine
    • Neath Port Talbot Day Nursery
    • Neath Port Talbot Parenting Matters
    • New Beginnings Day Nursery, Loughton
    • New Beginnings Day Nursery, Rainham
    • New Ark Play Association Ltd
    • NIPPA - The Early Years Organisation (NI)
    • No Limits City Centre
    • Norcot Early Years Centre
    • Norland College, The
    • North East Bedfordshire Constituency Labour Party
    • North Lanarkshire Council, Social Work Department
    • North Wales Child Protection Forum
    • North Wales Domestic Abuse Forum
    • Northern Bishops for the Roman Catholic Church in Ireland
    • Northern Ireland Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders (NIACRO)
    • Northern Ireland Childminding Association
    • Northern Ireland Foster Care Association
    • Northern Ireland Women’s Aid Federation
    • Northumberland Toy Library
    • Northway C.P. School, Nursery
    • Norwood (formerly Norwood Ravenswood)
    • Nottingham Central Women’s Aid
    • NSPCC Cymru
"The NSPCC’s study of the prevalence of child abuse and neglect in the UK found that while the majority of parents used lighter forms of physical punishment, a significant number do not. There are hundreds of thousands of children who are growing up in families where they are smacked regularly and heavily, and the culture of violence in these families needs to be tackled as a priority."
    • Nurseryworld & Friends Ltd
    • NYAS (formerly National Youth Advocacy Service)
    • Nyhome Nursery Schools Ltd
    • Odedra & Co – Accountants
    • Gingerbread
    • One Parent Families Scotland
    • Oxford Young Carers Project
    • PAC-UK formerly Post Adoption Centre
    • PACEY - Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years, formerly National Childminding Association
    • PACEY Cymru
    • Parenting Matters Trust
    • Parenting Northern Ireland (formerly Parenting Forum NI)
    • Parenting People
    • Parenting UK part of Family Lives
    • Parentline Plus North East
Parentline Plus:
“Physical punishment is not acceptable and should not be tolerated. This message has to be put across to parents as clearly as possible and not fudged as it is under section 58… The parents who continue to use physical punishment without getting ‘caught’ are the ones who need to be targeted by a public education campaign to teach them more effective strategies for disciplining their children… Section 58 undermines our promotion of positive discipline – we have to sit on the fence by not condoning the actions but wanting to maintain our contact with the parents in the hope that our advice will encourage them to change their habits.”
    • Parents Advice Centre (NI)
    • Parents and Children Together
    • Parents for Children
    • Parents for Inclusion
    • Parents in Ryedale
    • Parent And Toddler Care In Hartlepool (Patch)
    • Pea Pods Day Nursery
    • Peace Pledge Union
    • Pembroke Nursery Ltd
    • People First
    • Personalised Education Now (formerly Centre for Personalised Education)
    • Pilton Community Health Project
    • Pinner Centre Pre-school
    • PJ’s Nursery
    • PLAN UK
    • Play Denbighshire Partnership
    • Play England (formerly Children’s Play Council)
    • Play Wales
    • Play•Train
    • Playgroup Network, Richmond
    • Playgroup Network, Tyne & Wear
    • Playlink
    • Polly Anna’s Daycare Nursery
    • Ponteland Private Nursery
    • Port Talbot Women’s Aid
    • Portsmouth Diocesan Council for Social Responsibility
    • Powys Local Health Board
    • Pre-School Learning Alliance
    • Pre-School Learning Alliance – Lewisham Branch
    • Premier Crèche Services Ltd
    • Preston Domestic Violence Forum
    • Probation Board for Northern Ireland
    • PSU London UK Ltd
    • Pyramid (formerly National Pyramid Trust for Children)
    • Pyramid Health & Social Care
    • Quarriers
    • Queer Youth Network
    • Refuge
"As long as parents are lawfully able to assault their children then young people learn that it is acceptable to use violence as a means to control another person… The Government did not request evidence that hitting women was wrong when it sought to introduce the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act (2004), so it is unclear why the Government is seeking evidence that hitting children is wrong."
    • Relate
    • Relate NI, Family Mediation Service
    • Relate Teen
    • Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Britain
    • Respect
    • RFTS Kidzclub
    • Rhondda Women’s Aid
    • Richmond Fellowship
    • Right From The Start: Parenting Education Project
    • Rights & Participation Project, Hull
    • Rights International
    • Rights of Women
    • RISE - Working With Women & Children Against Children Against Domestic Violence
    • RoadPeace
    • Roshni
    • Rotherham Women’s Refuge
    • Royal College of General Practitioners
    • Royal College of Midwives, The
    • Royal College of Nursing, The
Royal College of Nursing:
"Many of our members advised that parents do not know how to discipline their child and so they continue to draw on their own experience and perpetuate the learned behaviour from their childhood. Some know that they should not smack but don’t know what else to do and either resort to smacking or ‘giving in’ to the child. With education and information on behaviour management (toddler taming) this cycle can be broken… This, however, needs to be backed by a clear and consistent message to remove confusion currently in existence."
    • Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health
    • Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health Wales
    • Royal College of Psychiatrists, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Faculty
    • Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists
    • Royal Institute of Public Health (formerly Royal Institute of Public Health and Hygiene and Society of Public Health)
    • Royal National Institute of the Blind
    • Runnymede Trust, The
    • SACRO, Safeguarding Communities Reducing Offending
    • Save the Children Cymru
    • Save the Children NI
    • Save the Children UK
    • Schools Out
    • Scope
    • Scott-Moncrieff, Harbour & Sinclair
    • Scottish Child Law Centre
    • Scottish Childminding Association
    • Scottish Early Years and Family Network
    • Scottish Human Rights Centre
    • Scottish Independent Nurseries Association
    • Scottish Out of School Care Network
    • Scottish Pre-school Play Association
    • Scottish Women’s Aid
    • Scribbles Day Nursery
    • Sefton Voices
    • Sevenoaks Liberal Democrats
    • Shared Care Cymru
    • Shelter
    • Shelter NI
    • Shetland Islands Council, Social Care Service
    • S.H.O.C. (Stop Harming Our Children)
    • Shout Out!
    • Siblings Together Charity
    • Simon Community NI
    • SkillsActive (formerly Sprito Playwork Unit)
    • Smart Tots Nursery
    • SNAP Cymru
    • Social Care Association
    • Solace Women’s Aid
    • South City Children's Centre formerly Hollybush Family Centre (Hereford)
    • South London Family Centre (formerly African Caribbean Family Mediation Service)
    • South Tees Youth Offending Team formerly Middlesbrough, Redcar & Cleveland Youth Offender Team
    • South Wales Child Protection Forum
    • South Weston Children’s Centre
    • Special Parenting Service
    • St. Edmund's Nursery School & Children's Centre
    • St. Francis Children’s Society
    • St Georges Out of School Clubs
    • St. John Ambulance, National Headquarters
    • St. Joseph’s Family Centre
    • Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship
    • Stepfamily Scotland
    • Stepping Stones in Scotland
    • Stoneygate Children’s Centre
    • Stop It Now! NI
    • StudentVoice (formerly English Secondary Students’ Association)
    • Sunflowers Neighbourhood Nursery
    • Sure Start Alice’s View Children’s Centre
    • Sure Start Barkerend
    • Sure Start Barrow
    • Sure Start Barton, Tredworth & White City - Gloucester
    • Sure Start Beaumont Leys & Stocking Farm
    • Sure Start Stokewood
    • Sure Start Children's Centre (Winton)
    • Sure Start Bede Children’s Centre
    • Sure Start Behaviour Support Team Bridgend
    • Sure Start Birkenhead North
    • Sure Start Blurton
    • Sure Start Blyth
    • Sure Start Bromborough Children’s Centre
    • Sure Start Cambridge Children’s Centre, Bootle
    • Sure Start Canterbury Children’s Centre, Bradford
    • Sure Start Carlisle South; Cheshire
    • Sure Start Chester le Street
    • Sure Start Children’s Centre, Rochdale
    • Sure Start Chinnbrook Project Ltd
    • Sure Start Clapham Manor Children’s Centre
    • Sure Start Conwy
    • Sure Start Copeland
    • Sure Start Deanery RoadChildren’s Centre
    • Sure Start Family Tree
    • Sure Start Gladstone Children’s Centre
    • Sure Start Greenwich
    • Sure Start Hartcliffe, Havers Childrens Centre
    • Sure Start Hawthorn Tree Community Children’s Centre
    • Sure Start Hayle Children’s Centre and Marnzion, St Erin and St Hilary Children’s Centre Highridge & Withywood
    • Sure Start HLC
    • Sure Start Kendray and Worsbrough
    • Sure Start Kingsway Children’s Centre
    • Sure Start Lark Children’s Centre
    • Sure Start Leiston Children’s Centre
    • Sure Start Lime Tree Children’s Centre
    • Sure Start Low Hill & The Scotlands
    • Sure Start Maidenhead
    • Sure Start Mancetter
    • Sure Start Mereside & Clifton
    • Sure Start Millmead Children's Centre Partnership Ltd
    • Sure Start North Bournemouth Children’s Centres
    • Sure Start North East Derbyshire
    • Sure Start North Devon
    • Sure Start North Huyton
    • Sure Start North Washington
    • Sure Start Northlands Park Children’s Centre
    • Sure Start Penwith Children’s Centres
    • Sure Start Rosehill, Littlemore Children’s Centre
    • Sure Start Sawtry Children’s Centre
    • Sure Start Shipley
    • Sure Start Somerstown
    • Sure Start SouthTyneside
    • Sure Start Stanley
    • Sure Start Thorney Close
    • Sure Start West Green
    • Survive
    • Suzy Lamplugh Trust, The
    • Swansea Students Community Action
    • Swindon Advocacy Movement
    • TACADE
    • TACTYC (The Professional Association of Early Childhood Educators)
    • Tameside Young People’s Centre
    • The Adolescent and Children’s Trust (TACT)
    • The Adolescent and Children's Trust Bristol & South West
    • The Adolescent and Children's Trust Cymru
    • The Attlee Foundation
    • The Black and Asian Therapist Network
    • The Bognor Fun Bus Project
    • The Castle Children’s Centre
    • The Children's Project, Richmond on Thames
    • The Children’s Society
The Children’s Society
"Physical punishment is often used as a means to silence children. Removing the defence that section 58 provides would make it easier for children to identify abusive behaviour towards them… The law does not have eyes and ears into the homes of every child but it can send out a very clear message that hitting children is wrong: a message that children need to hear, so they can speak up about being abused and hurt."
    • The Children’s Trust
    • The Chiltern College
    • The Corner – Young People’s Health & Information Project
    • The Dry Arch Centre (for Families), NI
    • The Foyer Federation
    • The Guide Association, NI
    • The Howard Pre-School
    • The Mulberry Tree Family Centre
    • The National Association for Children of Alcoholics
    • The National Deaf Children’s Society
    • The New Learning Centre
    • The New School, Butterstone
    • The NEXUS Institute
    • The North Wales Women’s Centre
    • The Nursery at Queen Mary, University of London
    • The Place2Be
    • The Play House
    • The Promota Magazine
    • The Star Centre (Services Targeting Abuse in Rossendale)
    • The Unity Nursery, Rotherham
    • The Violence Initiative
    • The Wonder Years formerly Jack in the Box Preschool, York
    • Thirsk & Malton Constituency Labour Party
    • Threshold, NI
    • Tik-Tok Nursery
    • Together Trust (formerly Boys and Girls Welfare Society)
    • Torfaen Children & Young People’s Framework Partnership
    • Torfaen Primary Mental Health Team
    • Torfaen Voluntary Alliance
    • Torfaen Women’s Aid
    • Traveller Movement NI
    • Tros Gynnal
    • UK Public Health Association - UKPHA
    • UKPHA Scotland
    • UK Youth (formerly Youth Clubs U.K.)
    • UK Youth Parliament
    • Ulster Quaker Service Committee
    • UNISON - Cambridgeshire County
    • UNISON - Dorset
    • UNISON - Norfolk County Branch
    • UNISON - Walsall General Branch
    • United Nations Children's Fund UK – UNICEF UK
    • United Reformed Church
    • Vale of Glamorgan Children’s Partnership
    • Victim Support
    • Voice of Young People in Care, NI
    • Voluntary Action Leicestershire
    • Volunteering England (formerly Student Volunteering England)
    • Wearside Women in Need
    • WelCare Service for Parents and Children Welcare in Richmond; Parent & Children Centre Twickenham
    • Welsh Women’s Aid
    • Welwyn Hatfield Women’s Refuge
    • West Dunbartonshire Council, Social Work and Housing
    • West Lea Park Nursery
    • Who Cares? Scotland
    • Who Cares? Trust, The
    • Windsor Constituency Labour Party
    • Wirrall Youth Offending Services
    • Women, Children & Community Service Group
    • Women Together For Peace
    • Women’s Aid Federation of England- WAFE
Women’s Aid Federation of England:
"At the same time as acknowledging the harm that can come from witnessing violence by including ‘impairment suffered from seeing or hearing the ill-treatment of another’ in the definition of significant harm (section 120 of the Adoption and Children Act 2002), the Government denies children and young people full protection from experiencing violence under section 58."
    • Women’s Support Network
    • Woodcraft Folk, The
    • Working Families (formerly Parents at Work)
    • Working on Wheels working title for National Playbus Association
    • Working with Men
    • World Organisation for Early Childhood Education (OMEP), UK National Committee
    • Worldwide Alternatives to Violence – WAVE Trust
    • Wycombe Women's Aid
    • YMCA-Children’s Rights Service
    • Yorkshire Children’s Centre formerly National Children's Centre
    • YoungMinds for children’s mental health
    • Young Kent formerly Kent Youth and K.C.V.Y.S.
    • Young People in Focus (formerly The Trust for the Study of Adolescence)
    • Young Voice
    • Young Women’s Project
    • Your Way Project
    • Your Theatre Company
    • Youth Advocacy Steering Group, East Ayrshire Council
    • Youth at Risk
    • Youth Counselling Services Agency, Glasgow
    • Youth Link (Children’s Society)
    • Youthlink Wales
    • Zero Tolerance Charitable Trust

Prominent individuals

The Alliance welcomes individual supporters, young and old. Sign up now! It costs nothing, does not commit you to further action and entitles you to our regular newsletter. Individual supporters of the aims of Children Are Unbeatable! include:

    • David Aaronovitch
      Journalist & Broadcaster
    • Diane Abbott MP
    • Debbie Abrahams MP
    • Rebecca Abrams
    • Councillor Gina Adamou
    • Gerry Adams former MLA
    • Professor Robert Adams
    • Lord Adebowale CBE
    • Dr Gwen Adshead
      Consultant Psychiatrist, Consultant Forensic Psychotherapist
    • Councillor Veronica Afrin
    • Lord Ahmed
    • former Lord Mayor of Coventry, Councillor Mr Shabbir Ahmed
    • Elizabeth Aiken MBE
      former Director, Cardiff Women's Aid
    • Dr Patricia Ainley-Walker
    • Dr Patricia Ainley-Walker
    • Decca Aitkenhead
    • Lois Aitkenhead
      Psychodynamic Counsellor
    • Sait Akgul
      Respect the Unity Coalition
    • Dr Sabah Al Zayget COnsultant Community Paediatrician
    • Lord Alderice FRCPsych
    • Dr Priscilla Alderson
      Professor of Childhood Studies
    • Kitty Aldridge
    • Danny Alexander former MP
    • Yasmin Alibhai-Brown
    • Lord Allan
    • Graham Allen MP
    • Rob Allen
    • Martin Amis
    • Rt Hon Baroness Amos
    • Janet Anderson former MP
    • Ruth Ankers
    • Elaine Arnold
      Visiting Research Fellow, Sussex University
    • Jessica Asato
    • Neal Ascherson
    • Dr Eia Asen
      Consultant Child Psychiatrist
    • Jane Asher
      President, National Autistic Society
" children the protection we take for granted is a fundamental principle of equality and human rights. We simply cannot ignore it any longer." Jane Asher
    • Pauline Atienza
    • W.U. Attfield
    • The Rt Revd Robert Atwell
      Bishop elect of Exeter
    • Lord Avebury
    • Sir Robert Ayling
    • Steve Bagnall
    • Dr Sue Bailey
    • Dr Andrew Bainham
      Fellow of Christ's College, Cambridge
    • Vera Baird QC
    • Baroness Bakewell
"...hitting children is simply wrong. We need zero tolerance of all domestic violence." Joan Bakewell
    • Robin Balbernie
    • Louise Baldock
    • Norma Baldwin
      Professor of Child Care and Protection, University of Dundee
    • Richard Balfe former MEP
    • Bob Balfour
    • Dr Sukanta Banergee Consultant Community Paediatrician
    • Dr Frank P Banfield
    • Dr M Barber
    • Stephen Barber
      Chair West Berks, Reading and Wokingham LSCBs
    • Tessa Baring CBE
    • Professor Eileen Barker
      London School of Economics
    • Councillor Muriel Barker
    • Celia Barlow former MP
    • Dr Jane Barlow
      Research Fellow, University of Oxford
    • Rt Hon Lord Barnett
    • Lorraine Barrett former AM
    • Rt Hon Kevin Barron MP
    • Ruth Barter Consultant Child Psychotherapist
    • Leethen Bartholomew
    • Professor Chris Barton
      retired, former Director of the Centre for the Study of the Family, Law and Social Policy
    • Jane A Batchelor
    • Mick Bates former AM
    • Amrat Bava
    • Hugh Bayley former MP
    • John Bayley
    • Professor Saul Becker
    • Margaret Bee-Quigley
    • Libby Bell
    • Sheena Bell
    • Gina Bellman
    • Professor John Benington
      University of Warwick
    • George Benjamin
    • Tom Bentley
      former Director, DEMOS
    • Dr Arnon Bentovim
      Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
    • Dr Marianne Bentovim
      Social Work Consultant & Family Therapist
    • Luciana Berger MP
    • Luciana Berger MP
    • Mandy Berger
    • Lord Berkeley OBE
    • Michael Berkeley
    • Lynne Berry
    • Roger Berry former MP
    • Yvonne Bertram-Jones
    • Lord Best OBE
    • Harold Best former MP
    • Lord Bhatia OBE
    • Christopher Biggins
    • Baroness Billingham
    • Pamela Binny
      Parenting Programme Coordinator
    • Ann Black
    • Peter Black AM
    • David Blackburn
    • Janice Blackburn
    • Neil Blacklock
    • Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods MP
    • Councillor Mary Blake
    • Nicholas Blake QC
    • Lady Bland JP
    • Sir Louis Blom-Cooper QC
    • Paul Blomfield MP
    • Baroness Blood MBE
    • Ralph Blundell
      Strategy Consultant
    • Baroness Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury
    • Dr Jo Borrill
      Research Manager, The Mental Health Foundation
    • Sir Richard Bowlby
    • Allan Bowman
      former Strategic Director Social Care and Health, Brighton & Hove City Council
    • Rosie Boycott
    • Cathal Boylan MLA
    • Councillor Joe Boyle
    • Michaela Boyle MLA
    • Breda Bradbeer
    • Mary Bradley former MLA
    • PJ Bradley former MLA
    • Melvyn Bragg
    • Tom Brake MP
    • Sally Brampton
    • Sir Richard Branson
    • Vanessa Branson
    • Raymond Briggs
      Illustrator & Writer
    • Sir Samuel Brittan
      Journalist & Author
    • Councillor John A Broadley
    • Annette Brooke former MP
    • Tim Brooke
      St Francis of Assisi Church, Coventry
    • Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe
    • Viscount Brookeborough DL
    • Dr Liz Brooker
    • Professor Peter Brooker
    • Lord Brookman
    • Annabel Brooks
    • Dr Julia Brophy
    • Faith Brown
    • Dr Louise Brown
    • Lyn Brown MP
    • Russell Brown former MP
    • Kevin Browne
      Professor of Forensic & Family Psychology
    • Rt Hon Malcolm Bruce former MP
    • Dr Peter Brunyate
    • Chris Bryant MP
    • Cllr John Bryant
    • Professor Peter Bryant
    • Valerie Bryson
    • Dr Ann Buchanan
      Lecturer in Applied Social Studies
    • Professor David Buckingham
      Director Centre for the Study of Children, Youth & Media
    • Charlotte Burck
      Senior Clinical Lecturer in Social Work & Family Therapist
    • Catherine Burke
    • Stephen Burke
    • George Burlison
      former County Councillor
    • Margaret Burne
    • Eleanor Burnham former AM
    • Joan Burnie
    • Jenny Burns
      Early Years Co-ordinator/Tutor, Playgroup Network Richmond
    • Paul Burstow former MP
    • Lorely Burt former MP
    • Professor Ian Butler
    • Paul Butler former MLA
    • Rosemary Butler AM
    • Dr Trevor Butt
    • Fiona Caine
      Agony Aunt
    • Beatrix Campbell
    • Baroness Campbell of Surbiton DBE
    • Margaret Carey
    • Lord Carlile of Berriew QC
    • Peter Carter QC
    • Rt Hon Lord Carter of Devizes
    • Anna Carteret
    • Dr S Carthigesan
    • Shirley Cary
    • Norah Casey
      Publishing Director
    • Michael Cashman MEP
    • Rt Revd George Cassidy
      former Bishop of Southwell & Nottingham
    • Martin Caton former MP
    • Hannah Chambers
      Health Promotion Specialist - Schools
    • Christine Chapman AM
    • Councillor Alan Charles
    • Councillor Dave Chater
    • Grace Cheese
    • Prof Noam Chomsky
    • Imti Choonara
      Professor in Child Health
    • Louise Christian
      Christian Khan Solicitors
    • Lord Christopher CBE
    • Julie Cigman
      Early Years Advisory Teacher Oxfordshire
    • Michael Clapham former MP
    • Jean Clark
    • Katy Clark former MP
    • Alan Clarke
      Emeritus Professor of Psychology, University of Hull
    • Ann Clarke
      Emeritus Professor of Educational Psychology, University of Hull
    • Ruth Clarke
    • Tony Clarke former MP
    • Lord Clarke of Hampstead CBE
    • Patrick Cleary
    • Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP
    • Dr D.C. Clift
    • Lord Clinton-Davis
    • Roger Coales
    • Harry Cohen former MP
    • Baroness Cohen of Pimlico
    • Janet Coldstream
      retired Teacher
    • Patrick Coldstream CBE
      Visiting Professor, London University, Institute of Education
    • Felicity Collier
    • Councillor Barbara Collinge
    • Phil Collins
    • Tony Colman former MP
    • Michael Connarty former MP
    • Henrietta Conrad
    • Frank Cook former MP
    • Sue Cook
      Agony Aunt, Counsellor
    • Carina Cooper
    • Veronica Copeland
    • Richard Corbett former MEP
    • Jeremy Corbyn MP
    • Brian Cotter
      former MP
    • John Coughlan
    • Susan Cowan-Jenssen
      Psychotherapist, Writer
    • Helen Cowie
      Professor of Mental Health & Youth
    • Revd Elizabeth Cowley
      Parish priest
    • Gill Cox
      Problem Page Editor
    • John Crallan
    • Julia Crallan
      Textile Artist
    • Baroness Crawley
    • Mary Creagh MP
    • Mike Crockart former MP
    • Dr R.D. Croft
    • Dr Jenny Cropper
    • Mary Crowley
    • Anne Crowley
    • Wesley Cuell
      Head of Children and Family Services, Luton Borough Council
    • John Cummings former MP
    • Judy Cummins
    • Alex Cunningham MP
    • Jim Cunningham MP
    • Paul Curno
    • Elizabeth McGovern Curtis
    • Richard Curtis
    • Claire Curtis-Thomas former MP
    • Catherine Angela Dagger
      Physiotherapist NHS
    • Nic Dakin MP
    • Lorna Dallas
    • Edward Davey
    • Valerie Davey former MP
    • Professor Miriam E. David
    • Dr Priya David
    • Professor Tricia David
    • Wayne David MP
    • Jane Davidson former AM
    • John Paul Davidson
      Film maker
    • Andrew Davies former AM
    • Janet Davies former AM
    • Lynne Davies
      Children's Counsellor
    • Nick Davies
    • Suzanne Davies
    • Lord Davies of Coity CBE JP
    • Rt Hon Lord Davies of Oldham
    • Carol Anne Davis
      Novelist/Freelance writer
    • Dr LMR Davis-Reynolds
    • Professsor Richard Dawkins FRS
      Oxford University
    • Dilys Daws
    • Hilton Dawson former MP
    • Wimal de Silva
    • Dr Felicity de Zulueta
      Consultant Psychiatrist
    • Dr Paquita de Zulueta
    • Nicholas Deakin CBE
    • Janet Dean former MP
    • Baroness Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde
"...the ways in which we treat one another in the 21st century must express love, respect and non-violence." Reverend David Deeks, former General Secretary of the Methodist Church
    • Gaby Dellal
    • Councillor Denis Dent
    • Professor Lord Desai
    • Francis Deutsch
    • Dr A P Dhare
    • Lord Dholakia OBE
    • Stewart Dickson MLA
    • Jonathan Dimbleby
    • Dr Vinod Diwakar
    • Jim Dobbin MP
    • Patricia Dobbin
    • Mrs M Dobson
    • Kathryn Dodd
    • Philip Dodd
      former Director, Institute of Contemporary Arts
    • Joanna Dodson QC
    • Professor David Donnison
    • Brian Donohoe former MP
    • Frank Doran former MP
    • Linda Doughty
    • Sue Doughty former MP
    • Phil Doyle
    • Rosemary Drainey
      Craigavon Women's Aid
    • Baroness Drake
    • Julia Drown former MP
    • Sally Duckworth
      Research Psychologist
    • Rt Revd Michael Hare Duke
      Retired Bishop of St Andrews
    • Sarah Dunant
      Writer & Broadcaster
    • Cindie Dunkling RN Child, HV
    • Patricia Durr
    • Dr D F Dyer
    • Lord Robin Eames
      former Primate of All Ireland
    • Christopher Eccleston
    • Margaret Edgington
    • John Edmonds
      former General Secretary of GMB Trade Union
"...little people have at least as much right to protection against violence as adults." John Edmonds
    • Noel Edmonds
    • The Rt Revd Christopher Edmondson
      Bishop of Bolton
    • Huw Edwards former MP
    • Clive Efford MP
    • Johan Eliasch
    • Lord Elis-Thomas
    • Dr Michele Elliott OBE
    • Cllr Eve Elliott-Pearson
    • Dr Matthew Ellis Consultant Paediatrician
    • Charles Elton
    • Harry Enfield
    • Natascha Engel MP
    • Dr Charles Essex
      Consultant Paediatrician
    • Sue Essex former AM
    • Bill Esterson MP
    • Bill Etherington former MP
    • Jill Evans MEP
    • Ruth Evans
      former Director, National Consumer Council
    • Sir Richard Eyre
    • The Viscount Falkland
    • Paul Fallon
      retired Director of Social Services
    • Dr Juliet Farquhar
    • Dr Mike Farquhar
    • Tim Farron MP
    • Lord Faulkner of Worcester
    • Maggie Fearn
    • Baroness Featherstone
    • Eric Fellner
    • Vanessa Feltz
      Daily Express/BBC London
    • Helen Fielding
    • Peter Fincham
    • Baroness Finlay
      Finlay of Llandaff
    • Julie Fisher
      Independent Early Years Adviser
    • Mark Fisher MP
    • Nick Fisher
      Agony Uncle, Writer, Broadcaster
    • Rt Revd John Flack
      former Director of the Anglican Centre in Rome
    • Keith Fletcher
    • Steve Fletcher
    • Paul Flynn MP
    • Gail Foley
      BBC Cymru
    • Sheree Folkson
      TV Director
    • Isabel Fonseca
    • Anna Ford
    • Michael Foreman
    • Heather Formaini
      Jungian analyst
    • Rev. Professor Duncan Forrester
      New College, University of Edinburgh
    • Elayne Forster
      Health Specialist - Parenting
    • Jane Fortin
      Senior Lecturer in Law
    • Don Foster former MP
    • Deirdre Fottrell
      Lecturer in Human Rights, University of Essex
    • Clare Francis
    • Dr Hywel Francis former MP
    • Councillor Roderick Francis
    • Professor Bob Franklin
    • Hilary Fraser
    • Stephen Frears
      Film Director
    • Professor Michael Freeman
      Professor of English Law, UCL
    • Emma Freud
    • Esther Freud
    • Matthew Freud
    • Lord Freyberg
    • Baroness Fritchie of Gloucester DBE
    • Mariella Frostrup
    • Cathy Fusniak
    • Peter Gabriel
    • Dr Francesca Gains
    • Baroness Gale
    • Dr Geetanjali Gangoli Research Fellow
    • Baroness Garden of Frognal
    • Tony Garnett
    • Lord Gavron
    • C.A. Gearty
      Professor, Human Rights Law
    • Vanessa Geffen
      Social Responsibility Officer, C of E Diocese of Lichfield
    • Dr Loraine Gelsthorpe
      Institute of Criminology, University of Cambridge
    • Andrew George former MP
    • Lord German
    • Neil Gerrard former MP
    • Patricia Giardiello
    • Brian Gibbons former AM
    • Dr Ian Gibson former MP
    • Dr Penny Gibson
    • Lord Giddens
    • George Gilmore
      Barnsley LSCB
    • Councillor Steve Glover
    • Cllr Dave Goddard
    • Baroness Golding
    • Diana Goldsmith
    • Harvey Goldsmith CBE
    • Dr Peter Goodfellow FRS
    • Helen Goodman MP
    • Baroness Goudie
    • Professor David Gough
    • Angela Gould
      Powys Social Services
    • Baroness Gould of Potternewton
    • Roger Graef OBE
      Writer & Criminologist
    • Barry Graham
      Pyramid Trust for Children
    • Dr Carys Graham
      former Designated Doctor, Child Protection
    • Dr Carys Graham former Designated Doctor, Child Protection Wales
    • Councillor P.R. Graham
    • Professor Philip Graham
      former Chair, National Children's Bureau
    • Rt Hon Lord Graham of Edmonton
    • Lord Grantchester
    • Isabelle Gravenstein
    • Sarah M Green
    • Dr M.C. Greenwood
    • Professor Germaine Greer
      University of Warwick
    • The Rt Revd Clive Gregory
      Bishop of Wolverhampton
    • Janice Gregory AM
    • Janice Gregory AM
    • Harriet Griffey
    • Nia Griffith MP
    • Jane Griffiths former MP
    • John Griffiths AM
    • Win Griffiths former MP
    • Revd Carla Grosch-Miller
    • Dr Zoubida Guernina
      Senior Lecturer in Psychology
    • Dr C Guha
    • Sabrina Guinness
    • Professor John Gunn CBE
    • Gen Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank GCB LVO OBE DL
    • Christine Gwyther former AM
    • Janice Hadlow
    • Councillor Anne Hall
    • Dennis Hall
      former Governor, HM YOI Wetherby
    • Jerry Hall
    • Lord Hall of Birkenhead
    • Lord Hameed of Hampstead CBE DL
    • Donald Hamilton
      Former circuit Judge (Designated Family Judge, Birmingham)
    • Fabian Hamilton MP
    • Diana Hampton
    • Mike Hancock CBE former MP
    • Gerda Hanko
      Caspari Foundation
    • Carmel Hanna former MLA
    • Richard Hannaford
    • Jeremy Hardy
    • Jenny Hare
      Writer, Counsellor & Agony Aunt
    • Dr Catherine Harper MA
    • Robert Charles Harper
      retired Head CPU West Midlands Police
    • The Rt Revd Lord Harries of Pentregarth
    • Dr Evan Harris former MP
    • Jenny Harris
      Head of Education, Royal National Theatre
    • Lord Harris of Haringey
    • Baroness Harris of Richmond
    • Lord Harrison
    • Hilary Harrison
    • Edwina Hart AM
    • Lena Hartley
    • Councillor Tom Hartley
    • Elizabeth Hartley-Brewer
    • Professor David Harvey FRCP
    • Professor S Harvey
    • Lord Haskel
    • Lord Haskins
    • Debra Hauer
    • Eileen Hayes
      former National Parenting Adviser, NSPCC
    • Eileen Hayes former National Parenting Adviser, NSPCC
    • Professor Mary Hayes JP
      Professor of Family Law, Sheffield University
    • Sarah Hayes
      Children's Book Writer/Illustrator
    • Suzie Hayman
      Agony Aunt of Woman's Own, author, counsellor & step parent
    • Rt Hon Lord Healey CH MBE
    • Baroness Healy of Primrose Hill
    • Dr Iona Heath
      General Practitioner
    • Lucy Heller
    • The Rt Revd Dr Richard Henderson
      former Bishop of Tuam, Killala & Achonry
    • Sylvia Hermon MP
    • Patricia Hewitt former MP
    • Andy Hickson
    • Amelia Hill
      The Observer
    • Professor Malcolm Hill
      University of Glasgow
    • The Rt Revd Mike Hill
      Lord Bishop of Bristol
    • Susan Hill
      Writer & Mother
    • Baroness Hilton
    • Isabel Hilton
    • Margaret Hinchliff
    • David Hinchliffe former MP
    • Anne Hobbs
    • Paul Hocker
    • Graham Hodge
    • Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MBE MP
    • Patricia Hodge
    • Phillip Hodson FBAC
      Psychotherapist & Broadcaster
    • The Rt Revd John Holbrook
      Bishop of Brixworth
    • Nick Holden
    • Dr Sally Holland
      Senior Lecturer in Social Work
    • Lord Hollick
    • Sue Woodford Hollick
    • Professor Baroness Hollins
    • The Most Reverend Richard F. Holloway
      former Bishop of Edinburgh, Primus
    • Dr Charles Holme
    • Chris Holmes CBE
      former Director, Shelter
    • Paul Holmes former MP
    • Michael Holroyd
    • Mary Honeyball MEP
    • Dame Elisabeth Hoodless CBE
    • Belinda Hopkins
      Centre for Restorative Justice in Education
    • Juliet Hopkins
      Consultant Child Psychotherapist
    • Kelvin Hopkins MP
    • Dr Rachel Hopkins
    • Dr S Horrocks
      Consultant Community Paediatrician
    • Martin Horwood former MP
    • Rosamund Horwood-Smart QC
    • David Howarth former MP
    • The Rt Hon George Howarth MP
    • Baroness Howarth of Breckland
    • Baroness Howe of Idlicote CBE
    • Baroness Howells of St Davids
    • Lord Hoyle
    • Bryan Hubbard
    • Councillor Eva Hughes
    • Felicity Hughes
    • Shirley Hughes
    • Simon Hughes former MP
    • Stephen Hughes MEP
    • David Hull
    • Gayle Hunnicutt
    • Mark Hunter former MP
    • Ruth Hunter
    • Dr Julian Huppert former MP
    • Baroness Hussein-Ece OBE
    • Dr Judy Hutchings
      Research Director
    • Tom Hutchison
    • Avis Hutt
      Retired Health Visitor/School Nurse
    • Jane Hutt AM
    • Dr John Hyde FRCPCH
    • Michael Ignatieff
    • Revd Javaid and Mussarat Iqbal
    • Cllr Javed Iqbal
    • Karel Ironside
      Active Birth Teacher
    • Virginia Ironside
    • Huw Irranca-Davies MP
    • Bruce Irvine
      Consultant Clinical Psychologist
    • Rt Hon Lord Irvine of Lairg QC
    • Kazuo Ishiguro
    • Helen Jackson former MP
    • The Most Revd Dr Michael Jackson
      Archbishop of Dublin & Glendalough
    • Michael Jackson
      former Chief Executive, Channel Four
    • Dr Shirin Jackson
    • Professor Sonia Jackson OBE
    • Barbara Jacobs
      Agony Aunt
    • Rt Revd David James
      former Bishop of Bradford
    • Oliver James
      Clinical Psychologist, Author & Broadcaster
    • Cathy Jamieson former MP
    • The Rt Revd Martyn Jarrett
      former Bishop of Beverley
    • Rt Hon Baroness Jay of Paddington
    • Bethan Jenkins AM
    • Simon Jenkins
    • Councillor Ian Jobling
    • Dr Karen John
      Developmental Psychologist
    • Councillor Barry Johnson JP
    • Darren Johnson former LAM
      Green Party Group - London assembly
    • Baroness Jolly
    • Adrianne Jones CBE
    • Amanda Jones
    • Ann Jones AM
    • Elin Jones AM
    • Gareth Jones former AM
    • Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb
    • Heather Mansell Jones
    • Helen Mary Jones
    • Jenny Jones former LAM
    • Judith Jones
    • Lynne Jones former MP
    • Dr Naomi Jones
    • Nigel Jones former MP
    • Baroness Jones of Whitchurch
    • Lesley Joseph
    • Rt Hon Tessa Jowell former MP
    • Lord Judd
    • Christine Judd
    • Adrienne Katz
      Author/Journalist; Director, Young Voice
    • Fergal Keane
    • Sally Keeble former MP
    • Paul Keetch former MP
    • Matthew Kelly
    • Professor Andrew Kendrick
      University of Strathclyde
    • Baroness Helena Kennedy QC
    • Patsy Kensit
    • Nicholas Kenyon
      Director, BBC Proms
    • Masood Khawaja
    • Robert Kilroy-Silk former MEP
    • Jeremy King
    • Professor Nigel King
    • Dr Sue King
    • Rt Hon Lord Kinnock
    • Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead
    • Timothy Kirkhope MEP
    • Sheila Kitzinger
    • Dr Helena M Klenka
    • Rt Hon Lord Knight of Weymouth
    • Lord Knights
    • Mark Knopfler
    • Sebastian Kraemer
      Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
    • Baroness Kramer
    • Cllr Matthew Kyeremeh
    • Professor Jean La Fontaine
    • Stephen Ladyman former MP
    • Dame Cleo Laine
    • Eleanor Laing MP
    • Lord Laird
    • Simon Lalonde
      Clinical Psychologist
    • Jean Lambert MEP
    • David Christopher Lane
      Independent Consultant in Social Services
    • Jane Lane
      former Coordinator Early Years Equality
    • Kathleen Lane
      Freelance Trainer and Consultant
    • Cllr Stuart Langhorn
    • Vicky Lant
    • Robert Latham
    • Ian Lavery MP
    • Rabbi Miri Lawrence
    • Dr Christine Lawson
    • Neal Lawson
    • Bob Laxton former MP
    • Lord Layard
    • Julian Le Grand
      Richard Titmuss Professor of Social Policy, London School of Economics
    • Dr Penelope Leach PhD, C Psychol, FBPsS
    • Eva Learner
      Consultant Social Worker
    • Paul Lee
    • John Leech former MP
    • Revd. Dr Kenneth Leech
    • Pauline Leeson
      Chief Executive of Children in Northern Ireland
    • Professor Julian Leff
      Professor of Social & Cultural Psychiatry
    • Terry Lello former County Councillor
    • David Lepper former MP
    • Sally Letcher
    • Kathy Lette
    • Ms. Judy Lever
      Director, Blooming Marvellous/Girl Heaven
    • Tom Levitt former MP
    • Dr Sheila Lewis
    • Prof Lord Lewis of Newnam
    • Patricia Lewsely
      Commissioner for Children and Young People, NI
    • Baroness Liddell of Coatdyke
    • Craig Lind
      Lecturer in Law
    • Jennie Lindon
      Child Psychologist, Author
    • Kenneth Lindop
    • Baroness Linklater
    • Martin Linton MP
    • Baroness Ruth Lister of Burtersett CBE
    • Professor Brian Littlechild
    • Dr K Nicola Livera
    • John Lloyd
      Film Director
    • Sir Nicholas Lloyd
      Chairman of Public Relations Company
    • Val Lloyd former AM
    • Elfyn Llwyd former MP
    • Ken Loach
      Film Director
    • Professor Ian Loader
    • Lynette Loades
    • Baroness Lockwood
    • Naomi Long former MP
    • Professor Tony Long
    • Lord Loomba CBE
    • Councillor Ray Love
    • Anne Lovell
      Agony Aunt
    • Lady Lovell-Davis
    • The Rt. Revd Stephen Lowe
      former Bishop of Hulme
    • Dr Caroline Lucas MP
"...violence breeds further violence. Only by treating our young people with respect and compassion can we expect them to grow into non-violent citizens." Caroline Lucas MP
    • Ian Lucas MP
    • Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP
    • M.A. Lynch
      Reader in Community Paediatrics; Medical Director, Optimum Health Services
    • Sean Lynch MLA
    • Professor Christina M. Lyon
      Director of the Centre for the Study of the Child, the Family and the Law, University of Liverpool
    • Lord Macaulay of Bragar QC
    • Dorothy Macdonald
    • Ian Macdonald QC
    • County Councillor Irene Macdonald
      Leader of the Labour Group, Norfolk County Council
    • Lord Macdonald of River Glaven QC
    • Mandy Macguire
    • Suzie Mackenzie
    • Fiona Mactaggart MP
    • Baroness Maddock
    • Alison Maddocks
      Consultant Paediatrician, Swansea
    • Alice Mahon former MP
    • Hugh Manning
    • Baroness Manningham-Buller DCB
    • Michael Mansfield QC
    • Tricia Mansfield
      Health Editor
    • Lord Marks of Henley-on-Thames QC
    • Dr Mario Marrone
      Psychoanalyst, Member of The Experts Committee on Mental Health Promotion for Children Aged 0-6, E.C.
    • Paul Marsden former MP
    • Dame Mary Marsh
    • The Very Revd Canon Geoffrey Marshall
      Dean of Brecon Cathedral
    • Kathleen Marshall
      former Commissioner for Children and Young People, Scotland
    • David Martin MEP
    • Baroness Masham of Ilton DL
    • Paul Maskey MLA
    • Annette Mason
    • Nick Mason
    • Sonia Mason
      Clinical Nurse Specialist, Child Protection
    • Baroness Massey of Darwen
    • Professor Judith Masson
    • Stephanie Mathivet
    • Professor Corinne May-Chahal
    • Dr Berry Mayall
      Reader in Childhood Studies, Institute of Education, London University
    • Annalena McAfee
    • Rt Hon Lord McAvoy
    • Arlene McCarthy MEP
    • Kerry McCarthy MP
    • Kieran McCarthy MLA
    • Councillor Noreen McClelland
    • Robert McCrum
    • Rt Revd Nigel McCulloch
      former Bishop of Manchester
    • Alasdair McDonnell MP
    • John McDonnell MP
    • Ann McElroy
    • Ian McEwan CBE
    • Deidre McHugh
      Education Psychologist, AEP
    • Baroness McIntosh of Hudnall
    • Sir Ian McKellen
    • Bill McKitterick
      former Director for Social Services and Health, Bristol City Council
    • Kevin McNamara former MP
    • Lynne McTaggart
    • Revd. O.J. McTernan
    • Candia McWilliam
    • Sir Roy Meadow
      Professor of Paediatrics & Child Health
    • Alan Meale MP
    • Ian Mearns MP
    • Leslie Megahey
    • David Melding AM
    • David Melding AM
    • Peter Mellor
    • Neil Mendoza
    • Revd Peter C. Mercer
    • Walter Merricks
      Insurance Ombudsman
    • Caroline Michel
      Publisher, Vintage
    • Valerie Milburn
    • Gillian Miles
      Senior Clinical Lecturer in Social Work
    • Fiona Millar
"...the law on assault must be modernised. We must all move on to end the legal and social acceptance of hitting children." Fiona Millar
    • Jane Millar
    • Sarah Miller
    • Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer
    • Baroness Miller of Hendon MBE
    • Lady Cynthia Milligan
    • Cathy Mills
    • The Revd. Lord Milverton
      Priest, C.E. & Peer, Hereditary
    • Austin Mitchell former MP
    • Councillor Joe Mitchinson
    • Eric Mival
      Television Producer/Director
    • Anne Moffat MP
    • Laura Moffatt former MP
    • Dr Elizabeth Monck
    • Sir Nick Monck
      (former Civil Servant)
    • Councillor Ian Moncur
    • Jonathan Montgomery
      Reader in Health Care Law, University of Southampton
    • Madeleine Moon MP
    • Bel Mooney
      Writer & Broadcaster
    • The Most Revd Dr Barry Morgan
      Archbishop of Wales
    • Julie Morgan AM
    • Professor Lord Morgan
    • Councillor Warren Morgan
    • Baroness Morgan of Drefelin
    • Dr Peter Morrell
    • Lord Morris of Handsworth OJ
    • Blake Morrison
    • Penny Mortimer
    • Professor John Morton OBE
      Medical Research Council
    • Samantha Morton
    • Professor Peter Moss
    • Andrew Motion
      former Poet Laureate
    • Najwa Mounla
      Parent/Child Education Consultant
    • Greg Mulholland MP
    • Audrey Mullender
      Professor of Social Work, University of Warwick
    • David Munday
    • Meg Munn former MP
    • Tessa Munt former MP
    • Elisabeth Murdoch
    • Baroness Murphy
    • Professor Lynne Murray
      Director, Winnicott Research Unit, University of Reading
    • Graham Music
    • Dr T.I.R. Mutale
      Consultant Child and Adolescent Forensic Psychiatrist
    • Reggie Nadelson
    • Dr Ute Navidi
    • Councillor Wayne Naylor
    • Doug Naysmith former MP
    • Sarah J Neill
      Senior Lecturer in Children's Nursing
    • Baroness Neuberger DBE
    • Angela Neustatter
    • Lord Newby
    • Tim Newell
    • Jonathan Newhouse
    • Ronnie Newhouse
    • Sir Peter Newsam
    • The Rt Revd John (Jack) Nicholls
      former Bishop of Sheffield
    • Jim Nicholson MEP
    • Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne
    • Paul Nixon
    • Michael Nobes
    • Dr Meeta Northey
    • Professor Brahm Norwich
      University of Exeter
    • Trevor Nunn
    • Sir Paul Nurse
    • Michael O'Byrne QPM
      former Chief Constable, Bedfordshire Police
    • Mike O'Connor
      West Surrey CAMHS Development Manager
    • Eddie O'Hara former MP
    • Lord O'Neill of Clackmannan
    • Kailash Odedra
    • Dr Bewedicta Ogeah
      Consultant Community Paediatrician
    • Jamie Oliver
    • Susie Orbach
    • Diana Organ former MP
    • Deborah Orr
    • Angela Osborne
    • Sandra Osborne former MP
    • Lord Ouseley
    • Albert Owen MP
    • Charlotte Owen
      Advice Columnist
    • The Rt Revd John Packer
      formerBishop of Ripon and Leeds
    • Anne Page
    • Bruce Page
    • Lord Palmer
    • Nick Palmer former MP
    • Lord Palmer of Childs Hill
    • Dr Ruth Panelli
    • Louise Pankhurst OBE
    • Jan Parker
      Journalist & Author
    • Mary Parkinson
      TV Journalist
    • Michael Parkinson
      Journalist & Broadcaster
    • Mary Parnaby-Hadland
    • Dr Mel Parr PhD. C.Psychol.
      Director of PIPPIN
    • Dr Ruth Parry
    • Nigel Parton
      Professor of Child Care, University of Huddersfield
    • Lord Patel
    • Lord Patel of Blackburn
    • Paul Patrick
      co-chair School's Out
    • Dr A Paul
    • Margaret Pavey
    • Dr Rosemary Peacocke
    • Professor John B Pearce
      Child Psychiatrist
    • Steve Pearce
      Methodist Church
    • The Rt Revd Stephen Pedley
      former Bishop of Lancaster
    • Lord Pendry
    • Dr Elizabeth Penlington
      former Bishop's Officer for Child Protection Coventry
    • Robert Penlington
    • Peter Penrose
      Consultant Psychologist
    • Linda Perham former MP
    • The Rt Revd Michael Perham
      Lord Bishop of Gloucester
    • Sue Perkins
    • Lord Peston
    • Professor Anne Phillips
    • Eunice Phillips
    • Fiona Phillips
    • Bridget Phillipson MP
    • Michael Pitchford
    • Professor Andrew Pithouse
      Childhood Research Group, Cardiff University
    • The Rt Revd Stephen Platten
      Rector, St Michael's Cornhill, Hon Assistant Bishop, London
    • Veronica Plowden
    • Dr Meher Pocha
    • Eve Pollard
    • Kerry Pollard former MP
    • Professor Allyson Pollock
      Public Health Policy Unit, UCL
    • Chris Ponsford
    • Greg Pope former MP
    • Stephen Pound MP
    • Jonathan Powell
    • Robert Powell
    • Rt Hon Baroness Prashar CBE
    • Gordon Prentice former MP
    • D.R. Pressley
    • Adam Price former MP
    • Dr Lorna Price
    • Rt Revd Peter Price
      former Bishop of Bath and Wells
    • Simon Priest
    • Rt Hon Dawn Primarolo former MP
    • The Rt Revd John Pritchard
      Lord Bishop of Oxford
    • Baroness Prosser
    • Gwyn Prosser former MP
    • Dr Alan Prout
      Director ESRC Children 5-16 Research Programme
    • Andrew Puddephatt OBE
      former Executive Director, Article 19
    • Dame Gillian Pugh OBE
    • Ken Purchase former MP
    • James Purefoy
    • Dawn Purvis former MLA
    • David Puttnam CBE
    • Margaret Quigley
      Thomas Coram Research Unit
    • Michael Quinn
    • Yasmin Qureshi MP
    • Lord Radice
    • Tina Rae
    • Gen Lord Ramsbotham GCB CBE
    • Sue Ramsey MLA
    • Baroness Randerson
    • Dr T Rangarajan
      Kenshole Children's Centre, Aberdare Hospital
    • Professor Joan Raphael-Leff
    • Syd Rapson BEM former MP
    • Jenny Rathbone
    • Dr Anu Raykundalia
    • Jay Rayner
    • Lord Razzall CBE
    • Lord Rea
    • John Rea Price
    • Esther Read
    • Mel Read former MEP
    • Rt Revd Nicholas Reade
      former Bishop of Blackburn
    • Dr Mary Rees
    • Judy Reith
    • David Rendel former MP
    • Writer
    • Lord Rennard MBE
    • Charlie Rice
    • Dakota Blue Richards
    • Irene Richards
      Chair Enfield Domestic Violence Forum
    • Professor Martin Richards
      Director, Centre for Family Research, University of Cambridge
    • Reverend Baroness Richardson of Calow
    • Mary Riddell
    • Margaret Ritchie MP MLA
    • Dr Tess Ridge
    • Fay Ripley
    • Angela Rippon OBE
    • Lord Rix Kt, CBE, DL
    • Dr Pratima Robert
    • Celia Roberts
    • Melanie Roberts
      Lecturer in Law, University of Sussex
    • Yvonne Roberts
    • Rt Hon Lord Roberts of Conwy DL
    • Lord Roberts of Llandudno
    • Geoffrey Robertson QC
    • David Robinson OBE
      Director, Community Links
    • Professor Ken Robinson
    • The Rt Revd Tony Robinson
      The Bishop of Pontefract
    • Franc Roddam
      Film Director
    • Allie Rogers
    • Deborah Rogers
    • Gill Rogers
    • Jon Rogers
      Branch Secretary, UNISON Lambeth Branch
    • Philip Rogers
    • Richard Rogers
    • Rob Rogers
    • Ruth Rogers
    • Dr Wendy Stainton Rogers
    • Dan Rogerson former MP
    • Professor Hilary Rose
    • Professor Steven Rose
    • Professor Jonathan Rosenhead
    • Colin Ross
    • Ernie Ross former MP
    • Anita Rothschild
    • Hannah Rothschild
    • Dr Dorothy Rowe
      Psychologist & Writer
    • Paul Rowen former MP
    • Caitriona Ruane MLA
    • Joan Ruddock former MP
    • Salman Rushdie
    • Bob Russell former MP
    • Philippa Russell OBE
      former Director of the Council for Disabled Children
    • Ultan Russell
    • Professor Michael Rutter FRS
    • Carol Ryan
    • George Rylance
    • Lord Saatchi
    • Charles Saatchi
    • Dr Jasmeet Sachar
    • Alex Sainsbury
    • James Sainsbury
    • Alison Salt
      Consultant Paediatrician (neurodisability)
    • Dr Martin Samuels MD FRCP FRCPCH
    • Adrian Sanders former MP
    • Deidre Sanders
      Agony Aunt
    • Dr Robert Sanders
    • Councillor Liz Santry
    • Julia Sawalha
    • Nadia Sawalha
    • Nadim Sawalha
    • Roberta Sawalha
    • The Rt Revd John Saxbee
      former Bishop of Lincoln
    • Prunella Scales CBE
    • Albert Scardino
    • Brian Sedgemore former MP
    • The Rt Revd Peter Selby
      former Bishop of Worcester
    • Nicholas Serota
    • Dr S K Sethi
      Consultant Paediatrician
    • Dr Tom Shakespeare
      University of Newcastle
    • Professor Tim Shallice FRS
    • Lord Sharkey
    • Virendra Sharma MP
    • Dr Madeleine Sharp
    • Baroness Sharp of Guildford
    • Paula Shaw
    • Christine Shawcroft
      NEC Labour Party
    • Barry Sheerman MP
    • W.R. Shekyls
    • Lord Shipley
    • Debra Shipley former MP
    • Dr Mike Shooter OBE
      Chair Children in Wales and Chair Young Minds
    • Alexandra Shulman
    • Emeritus Professor J R Sibert OBE
    • Sion Simon former MP
    • Alan Simpson former MP
    • Brian Simpson MEP
    • Valerie Sinason
      Consultant Child Psychotherapist
    • Karen Sinclair former AM
    • The Revd Canon Adrian B Slade
    • The Rt Revd Alan Smith
      Bishop of St Albans
    • Jenny Smith
      Executive Member for Social Services and Health, Bristol City Council
    • Joanne Smith
      Senior Nurse Childrens Services
    • Nick Smith MP
    • Owen Smith MP
    • Peter K. Smith
      Professor of Psychology
    • Professor Lord Smith of Clifton
    • Lord Smith of Finsbury
    • Anne Snelgrove former MP
    • Jon Snow
      Broadcaster, Chair New Horizon Youth Centre
    • Lord Soley
    • Councillor Manjula Sood
    • Flora Soros
    • Peter Soros
    • Professor David Southall
      Professor of Paediatrics & Honorary Director of Child Advocacy International
    • Professor N.J. Spencer
    • Sarah Spencer CBE
    • Luke Springthorpe
    • Professor Bruce Stafford
    • Kate Stanley
    • Baroness Stern CBE
    • Andrew Stevens
    • The Rt Revd Tim Stevens
      The Bishop of Leicester
    • Juliet Stevenson
    • Professor Olive Stevenson CBE
    • Catriona Stewart
    • Patrick Stewart
    • Dr Sarah Stewart-Brown
    • Catherine Stihler MEP
    • Jan Stimpson
      Parent Network Coordinator & Author of 'Raising Happy Children'
    • Paul Stinchcombe former MP
    • Dr Howard Stoate former MP
    • Francine Stock
      Broadcaster & Writer
    • Professor David H Stone
    • Amanda Stonham
    • Dr Miriam Stoppard
    • Lord Storey CBE
    • Janet Street-Porter
    • Elaine E Sutherland
      Senior Lecturer, School of Law, Glasgow
    • Dr Carole Sutton
      Director, Unit for Research & Training in Parenting Education
    • Moya Sutton
      Executive Nurse
    • David Swift
    • Paula Swift
    • Revd Richard Carl Swindell
    • Dr Jeremy Swinson
    • Jo Swinson former MP
    • Professor Kathy Sylva
      University of Oxford
    • Dr Kaihsu Tai
    • Mark Tami MP
    • Phil Taverner
    • Dari Taylor former MP
    • David Taylor MP
    • Professor Julie Taylor
    • Richard Taylor former MP
    • Roger Taylor
    • Lord Taylor of Goss Moor
    • Jennifer Temkin
      Professor of Law, University of Sussex
    • Amanda Temple
    • Julien Temple
      Professor of Law, University of Sussex
    • Jane Tewson
    • Jit Thakor
    • Catherine Thomas former AM
    • Dr Eleanor Thomas
    • Eski Thomas
    • Gareth Thomas former MP
    • Gwenda Thomas AM
    • Jeremy Thomas
      Film Maker
    • Dr Nigel Thomas
      Lecturer in Applied Social Studies
    • Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM
    • Simon Thomas former MP
    • Lord Thomas of Macclesfield CBE
    • Baroness Thomas of Walliswood OBE, DL
    • Dr Anne Thompson
      Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
    • Emma Thompson
    • Katherine Thompson
    • The Rt Revd Tim Thornton
      Bishop of Truro
    • Jane Thynne
    • Miriam Titterton
    • Emeritus Professor Barbara Tizard
      Thomas Coram Research Unit
    • Mark Todd former MP
    • Professor Sally Tomlinson
    • Baroness Tonge
    • Lord Tope CBE
    • Anni Townend
      Management Psychologist
    • Dr Richard Tozer
    • Hannah Trendell
      Primary School Teacher
    • Lord Triesman
    • Dr Judith Trowell
      Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist; Chairperson Young Minds
    • Dr Emmanuelle Tulle
    • Lord Turnberg
    • Des Turner former MP
    • Dr Gillian Turner
    • Baroness Turner of Camden
    • Cllr David Tutt
    • Lord Tyler
    • Baroness Tyler of Enfield.
    • Baroness Uddin
    • Sir William Utting
    • Professor Geraldine Van Bueren
    • George Varnava
    • Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP
    • Valerie Vaz MP
    • Baroness Verma
    • Dr David Vickers
    • Ed Victor
    • Robbie Vincent
    • Field Marshall Lord Vincent of Coleshill GBE KCB DSO
    • Christine Walby OBE
      Former Director of Social Services & Member of National Commission into the Prevention of Child Abuse
    • Michael Waldman
      Documentary Film Maker
    • The Rt Revd David Walker
      The Bishop of Manchester
    • Philippa Walker
    • Anthony Wall
    • Rt Hon Lord Wallace of Tankerness QC
    • Joan Walley former MP
    • Diana Wallis former MEP
    • Baroness Walmsley
    • Lord Walpole
    • Elizabeth Walter
    • Lord Walton of Detchant TD
    • Colin Warbrick
    • The Hon Lalla Ward
    • Rt Hon Lord Warner
    • The Rt Revd Martin Warner
      Bishop of Chichester
    • Sheila Warner
      Child Psychologist (P)
    • Baroness Warwick of Undercliffe
    • Graham Watson MEP
    • Jenny Watson
    • Colin Watt
      former Chair Telford & Wrekin LSCB
    • Ruby Wax
    • Councillor Billy Webb
    • Sarab Webb
    • Shelagh Webb
      Chair, Playlink
    • Christine Webber
      Broadcaster, Writer, Psychotherapist
    • Lynne Webster
      Primary Education Adviser
    • Professor Lord Wedderburn of Charlton QC FBA
    • Dr Tara Weeramanthri
      Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist
    • Paul Weiland
      Film Director
    • Dr Estela V. Welldon
      Retired Consultant Psychiatrist in Psychotherapy
    • Celia Wells
    • Dr Jane Wells
    • D.J. West
      Professor Emeritus of Clinical Criminology, University of Cambridge
    • Timothy West CBE
    • Zelda West-Meads
      Agony Aunt, Counsellor, Writer
    • Susan Westmore
      Foundation Stage Consultant
    • Marlene Wharton
    • The Rt Revd Martin Wharton
      The Bishop of Newcastle
    • Kevin Whately
    • Francis Wheen
      Journalist & Author
    • Baroness Whitaker
    • Ben Whitaker
    • Valerie Whitaker
    • Tom White CBE
    • Paul Whitehouse
      former Chief Constable of Sussex
    • Ms B Whiting
      The Parent-Coach Approach
    • Matthew Whyman
      Writer, Agony Uncle: AOL & BLISS
    • Erica Widdowson
    • Shan Wilkinson
      Scrutiny Chair Wrexham CBC; member LGA Children & Young People Board
    • Betty Williams former MP
    • Catriona Williams
      Chief Executive Children in Wales
    • Professor Fiona Williams OBE
    • Hywel Williams MP
    • Professor John Williams
      Head of Department of Law, University of Wales
    • Kirsty Williams AM
    • Mark Williams MP
    • Nigel Williams FRSL
      Novelist & Playwright
    • Rob Williams
    • Roger Williams former MP
    • Stephen Williams former MP
    • Lord Williams of Elvel CBE
    • Audrey Williamson
      Assistant Director, Social Services, St Helen's MBC
    • Lord Willis of Knaresborough
    • Olwen Wilson
      Consultant Child Psychologist
    • Richard Wilson
"...children have human rights like the rest of us. Hitting people is wrong, and children are people too." Richard Wilson
    • Revd Simon Wilson
      Board of Social Responsibility Diocese of Norwich
    • Professor Lord Winston
    • Leanne Wood AM
    • Hannah Woodall
    • Tony Worthington former MP
    • Derek Wyatt former MP
    • Councillor Ken Wyatt JP
    • Robert Yentob
      Chairman, Dewhurst Dent Plc
    • Jo Young
      Counsellor, Sex Therapist, Agony Aunt
    • Jo Young
    • Baroness Young of Hornsey
    • Benjamin Zephaniah


Members of Parliament

    • Diane Abbott MP
    • Debbie Abrahams MP
    • Graham Allen MP
    • Rt Hon Kevin Barron MP
    • Luciana Berger MP
    • Dr Roberta Blackman-Woods MP
    • Paul Blomfield MP
    • Tom Brake MP
    • Lyn Brown MP
    • Chris Bryant MP
    • Rt Hon Nick Clegg MP
    • Jeremy Corbyn MP
    • Mary Creagh MP
    • Michael Crockart MP
    • Jim Cunningham MP
    • Alex Cunningham MP
    • Nic Dakin MP
    • Wayne David MP
    • Jim Dobbin MP
    • Clive Efford MP
    • Natascha Engel MP
    • Bill Esterson MP
    • Tim Farron MP
    • Paul Flynn MP
    • Helen Goodman MP
    • Nia Griffith MP
    • Fabian Hamilton MP
    • Lady Sylvia Hermon MP
    • Rt Hon Margaret Hodge MBE MP
    • Kelvin Hopkins MP
    • Rt Hon George Howarth MP
    • Huw Irranca-Davies MP
    • Eleanor Laing MP
    • Ian Lavery MP
    • Dr Caroline Lucas MP
    • Ian Lucas MP
    • Fiona Mactaggart MP
    • Kerry McCarthy MP
    • Dr Alasdair McDonnell MP
    • John McDonnell MP
    • Sir Alan Meale MP
    • Ian Mearns MP
    • Madeleine Moon MP
    • Greg Mulholland MP
    • Albert Owen MP
    • Bridget Phillipson MP
    • Stephen Pound MP
    • Yasmin Qureshi MP
    • Margaret Ritchie MP
    • Virendra Sharma MP
    • Barry Sheerman MP
    • Nick Smith MP
    • Owen Smith MP
    • Mark Tami MP
    • Rt Hon Keith Vaz MP
    • Valerie Vaz MP
    • Hywel Williams MP
    • Mark Williams MP


    • Lord Adebowale CBE
    • Lord Ahmed
    • Lord Alderdice FRCPsych
    • Lord Allan of Hallam
    • Lord Avebury
    • Baroness Bakewell
    • Rt Hon Lord Barnett
    • Lord Berkeley OBE
    • Lord Best OBE
    • Lord Bhatia OBE
    • Baroness Billingham
    • Baroness Blood MBE
    • Baroness Bonham-Carter of Yarnbury
    • Lord Bragg
    • Rt Rev Lord Bishop of Bristol
    • Lord Brooke of Alverthorpe
    • Viscount Brookeborough DL
    • Lord Brookman
    • Baroness Campbell of Surbiton DBE
    • Lord Carlile of Berriew QC
    • Lord Christopher CBE
    • Lord Clarke of Hampstead CBE
    • Rt Hon Lord Clinton-Davis
    • Baroness Cohen of Pimlico
    • Baroness Crawley
    • Lord Davies of Coity CBE JP
    • Rt Hon Lord Davies of Oldham
    • Rt Hon Baroness Dean of Thornton-le-Fylde
    • Prof Lord Desai
    • Lord Dholakia OBE DL
    • Baroness Drake
    • Rt Rev Lord Eames OM
    • Rt Hon Lord Elis-Thomas AM
    • Viscount Falkland
    • Lord Faulkner of Worcester
    • Baroness Finlay of Llandaff
    • Lord Freyberg
    • Baroness Fritchie DBE
    • Baroness Gale
    • Baroness Garden of Frognal
    • Lord Gavron
    • Lord German
    • Lord Giddens
    • Rt Rev Lord Bishop of Gloucester
    • Baroness Golding
    • Baroness Goudie
    • Baroness Gould of Potternewton
    • Rt Hon Lord Graham of Edmonton
    • Lord Grantchester
    • Gen Lord Guthrie of Craigiebank GCB LVO OBE DL
    • Lord Hall of Birkenhead CBE
    • Lord Hameed CBE DL
    • Rt Rev Lord Harries of Pentregarth
    • Baroness Harris of Richmond DL
    • Lord Harris of Haringey
    • Lord Harrison
    • Lord Haskel
    • Lord Haskins
    • Rt Hon Lord Healey CH MBE
    • Baroness Healy of Primrose Hill
    • Baroness Hilton of Eggardon QPM
    • Lord Hollick
    • Prof Baroness Hollins
    • Baroness Howarth of Breckland OBE
    • Baroness Howe of Idlicote CBE
    • Baroness Howells of St Davids OBE
    • Lord Hoyle
    • Baroness Hussein-Ece OBE
    • Rt Hon Lord Irvine of Lairg QC
    • Rt Hon Baroness Jay of Paddington
    • Baroness Jolly
    • Lord Jones of Cheltenham
    • Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb
    • Baroness Jones of Whitchurch
    • Lord Judd
    • Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws QC
    • Rt Hon Lord Kinnock
    • Baroness Kinnock of Holyhead
    • Rt Hon Lord Knight of Weymouth
    • Lord Knights CBE QPM DL
    • Baroness Kramer
    • Lord Laird
    • Prof Lord Layard
    • Rt Rev Lord Bishop of Leicester
    • Prof Lord Lewis of Newnham
    • Baroness Liddell of Coatdyke
    • Baroness Linklater of Butterstone
    • Baroness Lister of Burtersett CBE
    • Baroness Lockwood DL
    • Lord Loomba CBE
    • Lord Macaulay of Bragar QC
    • Lord Macdonald of River Glaven QC
    • Baroness Maddock
    • Baroness Masham of Ilton DL
    • Rt Rev Lord Bishop of Manchester
    • Baroness Manningham-Buller DCB
    • Lord Marks of Henley-on-Thames QC
    • Baroness Massey of Darwen
    • Rt Hon Lord McAvoy
    • Baroness McIntosh of Hudnall
    • Baroness Miller of Chilthorne Domer
    • Baroness Miller of Hendon MBE
    • Baroness Morgan of Drefelin
    • Prof Lord Morgan FBA
    • Lord Morris of Handsworth OJ
    • Baroness Murphy
    • Baroness Neuberger DBE
    • Lord Newby OBE
    • Rt Rev Lord Bishop of Newcastle
    • Baroness Nicholson of Winterbourne
    • Lord O'Neill of Clackmannan
    • Lord Ouseley
    • Rt Rev Lord Bishop of Oxford
    • Lord Palmer
    • Lord Palmer of Childs Hill
    • Lord Patel
    • Lord Patel of Blackburn
    • Rt Hon Lord Pendry
    • Lord Peston
    • Rt Hon Baroness Prashar CBE
    • Baroness Prosser
    • Lord Puttnam CBE
    • Rt Hon Lord Radice
    • Gen Lord Ramsbotham GCB CBE
    • Baroness Randerson
    • Lord Razzall CBE
    • Lord Rea
    • Lord Rennard MBE
    • Rev Baroness Richardson of Calow
    • Rt Rev Lord Bishop of Ripon and Leeds
    • Lord Rix CBE DL
    • Rt Hon Lord Roberts of Conwy DL
    • Lord Roberts of Llandudno
    • Lord Rogers of Riverside CH
    • Lord Saatchi
    • Lord Sharkey
    • Baroness Sharp of Guildford
    • Lord Shipley
    • Lord Shutt of Greetland OBE
    • Prof Lord Smith of Clifton
    • Rt Hon Lord Smith of Finsbury
    • Lord Soley
    • Baroness Stern CBE
    • Lord Storey CBE
    • Lord Taylor of Goss Moor
    • Lord Thomas of Macclesfield CBE
    • Baroness Thomas of Walliswood OBE DL
    • Baroness Tonge
    • Lord Tope CBE
    • Lord Triesman
    • Rt Rev Lord Bishop of Truro
    • Lord Turnberg
    • Baroness Turner of Camden
    • Lord Tyler CBE DL
    • Baroness Tyler of Enfield
    • Baroness Verma
    • FM Lord Vincent of Coleshill GBE KCB DSO
    • Rt Rev Lord Bishop of Wakefield
    • Rt Hon Lord Wallace of Tankerness QC
    • Baroness Walmsley
    • Lord Walpole
    • Lord Walton of Detchant TD
    • Rt Hon Lord Warner
    • Baroness Warwick of Undercliffe
    • Prof Lord Wedderburn of Charlton QC
    • Baroness Whitaker
    • Lord Williams of Elvel CBE
    • Lord Willis of Knaresborough
    • Prof Lord Winston
    • Prof Baroness Young of Hornsey OBE


    • Michael Cashman MEP
    • Jill Evans MEP
    • Mary Honeyball MEP
    • Stephen Hughes MEP
    • Timothy Kirkhope MEP
    • Jean Lambert MEP
    • Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP
    • David Martin MEP
    • Arlene McCarthy MEP
    • Jim Nicholson MEP
    • Brian Simpson MEP
    • Catherine Stihler MEP
    • Graham Watson MEP

Local Children Safeguarding Boards

    • Brent
    • Bury
    • Cambridgeshire
    • Cheshire & Chester West
    • Croydon
    • Derby
    • Dudley
    • Durham
    • Essex
    • Havering
    • Isle of Wight
    • Lewisham
    • Lincolnshire
    • Manchester
    • Newcastle
    • Norfolk
    • North Tyneside
    • Northumberland
    • Oldham
    • Oxfordshire
    • Peterborough
    • Reading
    • Redbridge
    • Rochdale
    • South Gloucestershire
    • South Tees
    • Southend-on-Sea
    • St Helens
    • Sunderland
    • Sussex
    • Swindon
    • Tameside
    • West Berkshire
    • Westminster
    • Wiltshire
    • Wokingham
    • Wolverhampton
    • York City

Recent news

Report calls for prohibition in Scotland

Date: December 2015

A systematic review of research literature on physical punishment, jointly commissioned by Barnardo’s Scotland, Children 1st, the Children and Young People’s Commissioner Scotland and NSPCC Scotland was published in November

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Corporal punishment to be banned in madrassas

Date: December 2015

On November 27 the Government published plans to prohibit corporal punishment in all part-time educational settings, including madrassas (see: consultation). The proposals also aim to prevent children being “radicalised” in madrassas...

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